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Hi, I am Kabir, a creative Social Media Marketing & Management service provider. Are you ready to take your brand's social media presence to new heights? Look no further!

Let me take care of your business in an organized way!


Kabir will help you with an experience of last 12 years in this industry

Social Media Post Designs

From eye-catching visuals to compelling graphics, I specialize in creating impactful social media designs that effectively convey your brand's message and enhance your online presence.

Keywords & Hashtags Research

Unlock the power of targeted reach with strategic keywords and hashtags research, ensuring your social media content reaches the right audience at the right time.

Content Research

By conducting in-depth analysis and staying up-to-date with the latest trends, I ensure your content remains relevant, engaging, and tailored to your target audience's interests.

Competitor Analysis

Stay one step ahead of the competition with comprehensive competitor analysis, gaining valuable insights into their social media strategies, audience engagement, and content performance to refine your own approach.

Email Marketing

Harness the power of email marketing to reach and engage your target audience effectively. From crafting compelling email campaigns to optimizing deliverability and analyzing performance, I can help you leverage this powerful marketing channel for increased reach and customer engagement.

News Letters

Create engaging and informative newsletters that captivate your subscribers, delivering valuable content and updates straight to their inboxes, helping to strengthen customer relationships and drive conversions.

Organic Growth

Nurture organic growth and expand your social media presence by implementing proven strategies to attract and retain followers, leveraging content optimization and audience targeting techniques.

Post Scheduling & Automation

Streamline your social media strategy with efficient post scheduling, allowing you to plan and automate your content distribution across multiple platforms, saving you time and ensuring consistent engagement.


Choose the Perfect Social Media Package to Elevate Your Brand

Social Media Essentials

Unlock the power of social media with our essential package tailored to boost your online presence and engage your target audience.

  • 2 Social Media Platfroms
  • 12 Post Designs
  • 3 Posts / Week
  • 3 Keywords Research
  • 1 Revision / Design

Digital Brand Accelerator

Propel your brand forward with our comprehensive digital package designed to accelerate growth, drive conversions, and maximize your brand's reach.

  • 3 Social Media Platforms
  • 20 Post Designs
  • 5 Posts / Week
  • Post Engagement (Through Stories)
  • 5+ Keywords / Hashtags Research
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Captions (SEO Optimized)
  • SEO Optimized Images

Social Engagement Pro

Harness the true potential of social media with our expertly crafted package focused on fostering meaningful engagement, building brand loyalty, and driving impactful results.

  • 5 Social Media Platforms
  • 28 Post Designs
  • 7 Posts / Week
  • Post Engagement (Stories)
  • Brand Awareness (Polls)
  • Audience Support
  • 10+ Keywords / Hashtags Research
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Captions (SEO Optimized)
  • SEO Optimized Images
  • Posts Scheduling (Automation)


"Kabir was a great person to work with and id recommend him to anyone looking to grow their Instagram. There are a lot of things I liked about Kabir. First, his communication was excellent. He was always available whenever I needed something. He was also very organized and did such a great job scheduling and creating colorful content that matched my brands image. He checked in to see if the content was to my liking before posting, which I really appreciated. Kabir was also very open to feedback, which was very nice. It made me feel comfortable working with him. Overall, Kabir was a guy to work with! He really does care about the work he does and is very professional. Thanks for your hard work and effort!"

Alexia Holeso

Business Owner
"Kabir professionally managed my social media. He was patient, informative and knowledgeable in his field. I would recommend him to anyone who would need the same services."

Katrina Nyby


Aishah Hight

"Kabir jumped in quickly to manage my stagnant social media channels. He was very cooperative and patient."

Just brief me your business idea, Let me do the Professional Branding.


    A professional logo to show your business model in a creative way!

    Let me complete your branding by providing you with a creative business card design for your business

    Get your business authorized with a complete package of documentation. Let me show the creativity to make it stand in front of other businesses.

Truly Multi-Purpose & Outstanding Social Media Marketing & Management

In today's competitive digital landscape, establishing a strong online presence is paramount for business success. At KabirHafeez.co, we specialize in delivering exceptional social media marketing and management solutions that can transform your business and help it shine in the crowded world of ideas.

With our expertise and industry insights, we create customized strategies tailored to your unique business needs. Our team of seasoned professionals harnesses the power of social media platforms to effectively engage your target audience, drive brand awareness, and generate meaningful connections that translate into tangible results.

Looking for a Social Media Marketing and Management Expert?

Your search ends here! With my expertise in social media strategies and technical proficiency, I offer a wide range of services to help you effectively navigate the digital landscape.